About Me

I am Thando (pronounced Tando) and for  as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by birth and babies.  I was raised in South Africa and growing up, I was surrounded by many female cousins to whom I am very close.   My Gogo (Zulu word for GrandMother) would have a particular dream that told her when a new Soul would join our family.Towards the end of pregnancy the cousin would come to live at my Grandmother’s house and I took on the role of providing practical assistance while she stayed with us under the guidance of my Gogo and I would also look after the babies once this traditional and sacred “Mothering the Mother” phase had passed.

Every  path that I took ever since seemed to point me towards this early calling. From working at nurseries/crèches, volunteering at an orphanage in Soweto and taking modules focusing on foetal development, how children learn to how different animals raise their young whilst studying Education & Psychology at Bath Spa University.

My journey so far has filled me with awe. I work in a heart-centred, grounded and spiritual way while gently holding and fiercely protecting the space for mother, father and baby. This work is my purpose and my passion.

The times that I am most connected to my joy are:

-when I am coming back from a birth (I sometimes have to check if my feet are still on the ground, so to speak)

-when I am in the kitchen cooking up something for friends (I have an impressive spice collection)

-when driving around London playing music and singing at the top of my voice (very badly!)

-when I am on the dance floor (thankfully, my dancing is waaaaayyyy better than my singing).

The feedback that I most receive from clients is that I bring a sense of calm. And we laugh a lot!