Birth Doula

A doula is, simply, a Woman who protects the birth environment. I am not a labour coach, birth assistant or a medic.

The word ‘doula is the Greek work for ‘slave’ and understandably there is an aversion to this word by Greek people who prefer the word ”paramana’ as it is synonymous with ‘midwife‘. However, the word has caught on and is now widely used and accepted with positive connotations.

Birthkeeper is a term coined by Jeannine Parvati Baker, marrying the terms Earth Keeper (eco-activist and holders of the sacred Earth-based wisdom) and Birth Worker (doula, midwife, etc), thus meaning a birth activist and keeper of the sacred wisdom of birth. The space that we enter during labour is indeed one of knowing, mystery, grounding, higher connection, letting go, vulnerability, power, ending and beginning…everything.

Basic Birth Doula Package includes:

  • Free introductory meeting (45mins)
  • Three home visits before the birth, at least one of them with your partner, if applicable. These are usually 60-90mins sessions
  • On-call from week 38 -42
  • Birth attendance
  • 1-2 postnatal visits

Backup Doula:
This is quite rare… but if circumstances are beyond my control to be physically present,  I will send a wonderful, experienced backup doula to be with you in your labour.
Meet the back up team: London Bliss Doulas

Cost: £1850

Shared-Care Birth Doula Package 
I offer this package if you’d like us to work together but I am not fully available for the on- call period of 38 to 42 weeks (and beyond if baby chooses a birthday past this range)
This means that you will have two doulas looking after you and have the advantage of calling on the expertise of two doulas from the moment you decide to work with us. We have worked together since the beginning of our doula careers and complement each other very well.
It will be me and either of my doula partners, Michaela or Alexa ( You will get to know both of us as we share the antenatal sessions (one with both of us and one each, 3 in total) and  we will share the on-call period giving you the peace of mind that one of us will be with you when you call us to your labour. You will see both of us postnatally too regardless of who is with you during labour and birth.
Cost: £1850