Bump, Birth & Beyond Workshop

I offer a private 1 day workshop that is tailored to your needs and includes information that is presented in a fun and engaging way. It involves me meeting you and your partner and designing a one-day workshop that is personalised to your particular situation and needs. This can include talking through any previous births, our own birth stories and birth stories that you have heard to help you debrief these experiences and prepare for the birth of your coming baby. We will also discuss your options such as where you can birth, how to work well with the medical staff, positions for labour, natural and medical pain relief options, the functions of the placenta and placenta remedies, preparing yourself and your family for your 4th trimester, the microbiome and how you can protect your baby’s short and long term health.  We will have fun, you will be super-prepared and  you will definitely learn some new information whether this is your first or your fifth birth!
£270 for my birth doula clients.